• LOCATION 20 | La Macarena to Parque Nacional


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    Back in the sixties, there was a thriving educated middle class. Many of the inhabitants came to live here because of the opportunities for work. Some came as a result of a civil war that happened in the 1950s in the countryside between the conservative and liberal political parties.

    Because of this influx of people into the city, many Bogotanos like me, were from mixed families. My father is from Barranquilla, a port in the Caribbean coast, and my mother is from a small town in the province of Santander located in the mountains north of Bogotá. The city was a safe haven and a cultural hotspot. It was known as the South American Athens. This was because of the the arts movement that happened here and the academic life that brought many students and professors from all around the country and the world. All this has helped make it the international and sophisticated capital city that is today.

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