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    St Michael's Without

    St Michael's Without on Bath audio tour Walk the Highlights of Medieval Bath

    Stop here for a moment on the corner.

    Can you see a gap between the buildings in front of you, with a church beyond? That church is St Michael's Without.

    A strange name for a church you might think, however, the gap is called Northgate Street and this was where the large gates through the north wall were situated. The name Without therefore means outside the city walls. The church you can see today is relatively modern, around two hundred years old, but replaces two previous medieval churches which occupied this site.
    Later, maybe visit the church and see the inside lower level, where you can see remnants of the previous buildings. If you do this, just across the road from where you are now and on the right, look down a narrow passageway called Slippery Alley, which leads down to the river and where back in the day, a device known as a ducking stool was located and was used on women who were thought to be a witches!

    Let’s continue walking, facing towards the church, turn right and continue towards the riverside.

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Walk the Highlights of Medieval Bath