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    Spa Quarter

    Spa Quarter on Bath audio tour Walk the Highlights of Medieval Bath

    Hello again. Let's stay here a moment to enjoy this normally peaceful area, these days known as the Spa Quarter.

    But what does the word spa actually mean? It is from the Latin and stands for Salubritas Per Aqua or Health Through Water.

    Just in front of you, you will see a small rounded building called the Cross Bath and ahead and to the left, above another columned sidewalk, a much higher building known as the Hot Bath.

    On your right will be a large building known as St John's Hospital, a place for hospitality, originally built to welcome guests to the city over 800 years ago. It was substantially rebuilt 500 years later, but still being occupied and used in a similar manner.

    Both the Cross and Hot baths are locations where you can enjoy spa treatments using the famous magical waters of the city. The two springs that feed these baths are part of the same single fault in the Earth's crust, allowing water to rise around three kilometers before splitting into the separate springs just below the surface. Geological experts have worked out the water that rises into the Roman Baths and these two baths in front of you, fell as rain around ten thousand years ago on the hills around 30 kilometers to the south and has taken all that time to come to the surface. Don't worry though if you have not seen rain for a while, as without fail, even if we have a really hot summer, over one million litres of mineral rich water still rises everyday and emerges at around 46 degrees centigrade.

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    Now, turn and face the other way, with your back to the Cross Bath and with a building just in front called the Little Theatre, go to your left along a walkway, keeping St John's on your left.

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Walk the Highlights of Medieval Bath