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    River Avon

    River Avon on Bath audio tour Walk the Highlights of Medieval Bath

    Once across, turn right and continue along the river, keeping it on your left.

    The medieval east wall was just to your right across the road and under the current buildings. In fact, the old small gateway through the wall is still there, below the gap in the buildings, should you want to see it later after our walk. In fact, the gate is the smallest of the four city entrances through the wall, simply because only people crossing the river on little ferry boats would come through it, not like the horses, chariots, carriages, carts, farm animals and large groups of people coming into the city via the large main gates.

    This river is one of many in England called Avon and this one flows into the sea just outside the city of Bristol around 20 kilometres west of here. The name Avon we believe comes from the word Afon, a word meaning river in the old British language, spoken by the British tribes over 2000 years ago, before the Roman conquest. Therefore, saying River Avon is really saying River River!

    You will notice the river steps down a level here on its way to the sea and this is the maximum point a boat can navigate upstream from the Ocean, but only if small enough of course!

    We'll chat some more at our next stop overlooking Parade Gardens.

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Walk the Highlights of Medieval Bath