• LOCATION 11 | Walk the Highlights of Medieval Bath

    Right on Westgate Buildings

    Right on Westgate Buildings on Bath audio tour Walk the Highlights of Medieval Bath

    Turn right onto this road called Westgate Buildings.

    Ever since we started our tour, we have stayed within the perimeter of the ancient city walls, which lasted to the end of the medieval period.

    Continue ahead on the sidewalk, crossing the shared area at the end of Westgate Street, which of course is where one of the large gateways through the wall was once situated - and on up to where the north-west corner of the wall was, known as Sawclose.

    Sawclose is a place within the city walls where large tree trunks were brought into the city to be cut, using metal saws of course, into planks for carpenters to use. Isn't it interesting where the names of places come from, as the majority of local people would probably not understand why it is called Sawclose!

    Keep going. You'll hear from me further ahead.

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Walk the Highlights of Medieval Bath