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    Parade Gardens

    Parade Gardens on Bath audio tour Walk the Highlights of Medieval Bath

    Hello there.

    With a great view to your right of the north and east sides of the Abbey church, showing off its late Perpendicular Gothic style, let's proceed and continue following the sidewalk around while keeping the gardens down below on your left. We'll continue down to the end of the sidewalk, always with the gardens to your left.

    You may recall the story I told earlier of the great French Cathedral which was replaced by the Abbey church to your right, well, that Cathedral was so large, the east end of it came to where you are currently walking.

    With the river over to your left and the beautiful hills beyond, please take a moment to look down onto these lovely verdant gardens. Also imagine 2000 years ago you were a Roman soldier marching down there, into what was to become the city of Aque Sulis, famous throughout the Roman Empire, as that was the level of the land and the city back then. As you can see, we are much higher now and this is due to more recent building and infrastructure changes after the medieval period and the Roman, Saxon and Norman city were indeed much lower than the more recent city which replaced them.

    Feel free to visit the gardens if you like. When you're done, just continue in the same direction you've been going.

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Walk the Highlights of Medieval Bath