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    Victoria Park

    Victoria Park on Bath audio tour Walk the Highlights of Georgian & Victorian Bath

    Let’s stop here a moment, near to the eastern side of Royal Victoria Park.

    If you look to your right, west along a long stretch of the Royal Avenue, you will see the Park extend into the distance. Perhaps later you may want to visit that area of the park at your own leisure.

    So, with you back to the Royal Crescent, turn to your left and keeping to the sidewalk, continue walking ahead, along and down the slope, until you exit the park a few hundred metres away.

    This beautiful park covers around 3.5 kilometres squared and was opened in the 1830s by a young lady called Princess Victoria, as a free to enter place, unlike the Pleasure Gardens where you had to pay - however, Victoria, who became Queen just 7 years later, never visited the Park again, or indeed Bath again during her long reign of nearly 63 years – as allegedly, she heard someone at the opening ceremony in 1830 say that she had fat legs and was not amused and she vowed never to return! - you probably saw the statue of her earlier at the Victoria Art Gallery, so I'll let you make up your own mind!

    Victoria Park has been planted with trees that are indigenous and also trees from all over the world, many of which are now nearly 200 years old. There is also an enclosed area in the north west side of the park called the Botanical Gardens, which was laid out in 1887 to commemorate Queen Victoria's golden jubilee celebrations of 50 years on the throne, a time when she was effectively head of a fifth of the landmass of the globe! In other areas of the park you will find and abundance of local wildlife, so nothing dangerous, but including American grey squirrels and also aquatic birds living on the various lakes and ponds.

    Today, all areas of the park are still free to access as they have always been and is the one of many free parks in the city, but is still the largest!

    Soon, a large gateway will appear, with two large bronze African lions looking down at you, taking a break from their game of their football! - some people think the next time you see the lions they will have changed which foot they have on the ball – I’ll let you test that theory in your own time!

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Walk the Highlights of Georgian & Victorian Bath