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    River Avon & Pulteney Bridge

    River Avon & Pulteney Bridge on Bath audio tour Walk the Highlights of Georgian & Victorian Bath

    Please stop here for a moment.

    Looking down at the river, notice where it steps down; this is known as the weir and is the furthest up river you can navigate river from the sea and the city of Bristol 20km away.

    To your left is the arched bridge spanning the river Avon; this is called Pulteney Bridge and was built to connect the old city with the farmland of the Bathwick estate. It was built at the start of the 1770’s and was designed by the famous Scottish architect called Robert Adam and is one of the few bridges in the world that has shops and is similar to the bridges found in the Italian cities of Venice and Florence.

    Many TV and movie films are made in Bath and you may recognise the river where it rushes over the steps: this part of Bath and the river is the setting from the 2012 movie, Les Miserables and is where Inspector Javert falls to his death!

    Let’s continue to the Bridge and cross over using the crossing with lights, to the Victoria Art Gallery opposite, which opened in the year 1900. Most of this Gallery is free to see and if it is open, it is well worth a visit!

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Walk the Highlights of Georgian & Victorian Bath