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    Mineral Water Hospital

    Mineral Water Hospital on Bath audio tour Walk the Highlights of Georgian & Victorian Bath

    Let's stop here a moment.

    You will have emerged onto a road called Upper Borough Walls, opposite the old hospital buildings, known nationally as the Mineral Water Hospital - or locally here in Bath as the ‘Min’.

    This hospital building to your left was built in the 1730s, with the extension to the right added in the 1860s. As the name suggests, this hospital used the famous hot spring water for the ‘deserving poor’ coming to Bath to seek a cure from their health issues. Although this location has been used as a hospital for nearly 300 years, later being taken over by the National Health Service, they have now moved out to new premises on the west side of Bath. And so, what will happen to these beautiful old buildings – they will be converted into fine apartments of course!

    When you are ready, with the ‘Min’ hospital in front of you, turn to your left and walk for a short distance to opposite where the buildings of ‘Min’ ends, at the end of Barton Street, where we'll cross over. I'll see you there.

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Walk the Highlights of Georgian & Victorian Bath