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    Assembly Rooms

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    Hello - let's stop here a moment.

    Turn to face the entrance portico of a very large building called the Upper Assembly Rooms.

    Can you imagine what it was like here from the early 1770’s when this was built to be Bath’s foremost place of assembly? – a combination of dancing, music, drinking and gambling, all under the light given off by the wax candles, held high on stunning glass chandeliers. These days the chandeliers use electric light bulbs and not the candles! Today, the building is used for many activities, including lectures, presentations, exhibitions, weddings and also the filming of scenes for television and cinema, but not gambling anymore! - additionally, in the large basement area, you will find the Fashion Museum, which contains over 300 years of the best female fashion!

    [1.5 SECOND PAUSE]

    If you like, you can head inside to have a look around the Assembly Rooms and visit the Fashion Museum. There is no charge to visit the Assembly Rooms, but you'll need to purchase a ticket to visit the Fashion Museum.

    There is an optional track that you can play inside the Assembly Rooms.
    Once you have been given access by the staff, then manually select the track "Upper Assembly rooms - inside tour".

    Alternatively, you can stay outside here and listen to the track.

    However, if you choose not to go in - or you wish to visit later, or you do not want to listen to the narration on the 'inside tour', continue walking up to Bennett Street, where I'll meet you.

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Walk the Highlights of Georgian & Victorian Bath