Barcelona from a local's point of view

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    24 May 2016
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    Plaça de Catalunya

    Plaça de Catalunya
    Barcelona from a local's point of view

    Welcome to my VoiceMap route! Today you'll discover a bit of Barcelona from a local's point of view. In a moment I'll take you away from the routes every tourist knows to places where there are no tourist traps.

    You are now on one of the most famous squares of Barcelona, Plaza Catalunya. You should be standing in the middle of the huge star on the floor of the square. While you look around and take in the atmosphere and the big fountains, I'll tell you who I am and how VoiceMap works.

    I'm Annoesjka Brohm, a Dutch writer and photographer. In 2015, after a year of travelling back and forth between Amsterdam and Barcelona, I came to live here for 6 months. Barcelona is often packed with tourists, so the trick is to find the nicest streets, the best cafés and the most gorgeous places. On this route I'll show you a few of Barcelona's hidden gems.

    So, let's get going! Look for the building with a huge turning clock on its top. Have you found it? Good! Now look to the right, at the large building facing the square. In the centre, it has a big tower jutting out into the sky. Now that you have found both buildings, cross the square diagonally towards the space in between them.

    Don't worry about getting lost; VoiceMap uses your phone's GPS to pinpoint your location and trigger the relevant audio. When you reach a point of interest, or if I need to give you directions, you'll hear my voice automatically. So you can put your phone away now, and relax. Don't worry if I go silent for a while - we're covering quite a distance and I can't be talking all the time.

    One word of caution. There are many pickpockets in Barcelona, so never leave your bag unattended. Keep it close to you at all times, especially if someone approaches you.

    Keep going until you reach the corner of the square. I'll meet you there.

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