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  • LOCATION 20 | A Culinary Tour of El Born

    Vilamala Bakery and Vila Viniteca Wine Bar

    Stop when you reach the street ahead, Carrer del Agullers.

    To your right, a few stores down on the right is Vilamala Bakery.

    Just opposite it is Vila Viniteca wine bar and delicatessen. Vila with one L is a family name and Viniteca refers to the wine.

    Vila Viniteca is 85 years old. It started out as a grocer and the shop often still has a bunch of bananas hanging outside on a hook. Take a look, is it hanging out there today?

    Inside though you'll find the best of Spain and beyond.

    They have over eight thousand bottles on their books - local and international. They exclusively represent 200 cellars around the world.

    On the next corner,​ you will find another Vila Viniteca, this one filled to the rafters with wine. Feel free to take a look at both.

    But let me first show you where to go next. After leaving Vila Viniteca, turn right and continue along Carrer del Agullers, with your back to Vila Viniteca and the Vilamala Bakery.

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