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    Pastisseria La Comena

    Here we are at La Colmena, our final stop of the tour.

    La Colmena sells the full range of Catalan sweets. As well as a range of seasonal treats. Autumn is the season of Panellets, round cookies made with almond flour and pine nuts. Nougat or Torron as it is known locally is available year long but is a specialty during Christmas time. And for lent there are Bunyols: anise-flavored doughnuts. A nice gift to take back with you is Catànies an almond enrobed in chocolate or Carquinyolis the Catalan version of biscotti which are dipped into wine or coffee.

    That only leaves out Churros, which is something enjoyed for breakfast or as a late afternoon snack or Merienda. It is a cheap, basic treat of fried dough. There is a shop up the street if you want to try on Via Laietana number 46. If you can manage it - pop in and give them a try. Keep in mind they will close for lunch.

    If you are heading to the Boqueria at some point, I recommend Bar Cañete just behind it you can try a lot of the things I've been telling you about.

    This is where I'll be leaving you.

    We've seen how Catalan food is influenced by the need to be frugal. This explains their love of offal, tripe soup, or a hearty stew of head and feet (cap i pota), foraged products like snails and mushrooms and pulses and beans. Every dish has context and meaning if you scratch the surface.

    But at the same time, Catalans love a good thing; Jamon, fresh fish, cheese, rich cookies made from almonds.

    I hope you got to try some of these delicacies or have been inspired to be more adventures and try a tripe soup.

    Thanks for joining me today. I would appreciate it if you took a moment to rate the tour or leave a comment. Enjoy the rest of your time in Barcelona.

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