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    La Botifarreria de Santa Maria

    Just ahead on the right is La Botifarreria.

    Once you've had a good look, continue straight while I tell you about it.

    La Botifarreria is a specialist in pork butchery operated by the Trave family for more than a century. This shop dates to 1955 and was popular from the start. They source quality meat and prepare the sausages on the premises.
    They are known for delicious and even outlandish fillings. Things like pork meat, dates and 12-month-old Gruyere. Snails or stewed cuttlefish. The most surprising sausage they make is the chocolate one. That's right, chocolate and pork meat together.

    They are also known for their sobrasadas, a coarse paprika filled fermented pate that originates in the Balearic Islands. As well as beautiful pates.
    For meat lovers particularly in the long BBQ season, La Botifarreria is an essential stop. As a result of their history and quality, La Botifarreria has received numerous accolades including being included in the prestigious Guide de Gourmands.

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