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  • LOCATION 6 | A Culinary Tour of El Born

    Hofmann Pastisseria

    Stop here for a moment at the corner.

    Just down the lane to your right, Casa dels Flassaders, is the Hofmann pastry shop, about 10 meters down on the left hand side. It's known to have one of the best croissants. Plain or filled with chocolate or almond cream or raspberries, they will all be delicious. Hofmann is my first choice around these parts for a flaky butter croissant. Its late founder Mey Hofmann also set up a cookery school popular with local chefs. Feel free to head over and grab a bite, or just to look at the beautiful edible display in the window.

    When you're done, or if you prefer to keep moving now, just continue along Passeig del Born in the same direction we've been going.

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