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    Gocce di Latte

    Gocce di Latte is on our right, with it's white and blue sign. Stop for a moment in front of it.


    Good artisanal ice cream is hard to come by in Barcelona so Gocce di latte is a good one to remember. It was started by an Italian couple who moved to Barcelona from Rome in 2012. They make the gelato in the back of the shop and use good ingredients to make memorable flavours such as chocolate and sea salt, dates with ginger and pears with cinnamon.

    If you are a vegan or have lactose intolerance, Gocce di Latte has a vegan shop a few meters up the street - again named Gocce di Latte. It offers similarly delightful combinations to the main shop.

    Feel free to pause the tour and pop in for a scoop. Otherwise, if you prefer, just continue walking straight.


    Let me tell you about the specialties of the Vila Mala bakery, our next spot. Vila Mala is a family surname. The bakery is known for two things.

    First off is pan de coca, a flatbread that looks a little bit like a pizza. It can be topped with things like anchovies or grilled peppers. Or sliced through the centre and used as a base for the ubiquitous pan con tomate. The bread has large holes which capture pools of extra virgin olive oil and tomato. Delicious.

    The second is millefeuille. A pastry made up of alternating puff pastry and creme patisserie usually associated with the French. This cake can be a bit technical to make. The base is a good all-butter puff pastry, baked to a crisp. The layers are then separated and interspersed with generous amounts of pastry cream. The whole thing is dusted with icing sugar.

    Quite a few well-known restaurants, like Bar Cañete simply buy the millefeuille from there and advertise it on their menu as coming from Vila Mala.

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