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    Catalan vegetables

    Take a left here and keep going.

    Despite what people might say, vegetables make up a large part of the Catalan diet, particularly in home cooking. Even those with the smallest green thumb have a hureto or vegetable patch somewhere.

    Vegetables are enjoyed in season. Calçots are a much-celebrated sign of Spring. They are a cross between an allium and a leak. They are roasted over charcoal until black on the outside and sweet and soft on the inside. The blackened skin is then slipped off and the tender inside is dipped in Romesco sauce. Remember all those nuts we saw at Casa Gispert at the start of our tour? Either almonds or hazelnuts are pounded down to a pulp with garlic, grilled tomatoes and a particular kind of thin-skinned red pepper called nyores.

    Artichokes are equally loved and have a longer season.

    But if there is one thing that Catalans love most it's mushrooms or bolets. Most families enjoy outings where they are collected in the wild.

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