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    Casa Gispert - Originally a roaster of coffee and nuts

    On your right is Casa Gispert. It's the shop with the gold writing on it. Stop for a moment in front of it.

    The oven at Casa Gispert is over 160 years old. They use it to roast everything from coffee to nuts. You should buy the Marcona almonds, roasted or not. Catalunya is famous for them and they are the base for a good Romesco sauce. They are shorter, squatter and fatter than regular almonds and their flavour is more buttery. Feel free to pause the tour and take a look inside. If you do go in, take note of the shelving. Some of it dates to the original shop.

    Otherwise if you prefer to come back later, continue walking.

    We're walking along Carrer dels Sombrers, which means the street of the hat makers. In medieval times, these streets were named after what the craftspeople made on them. This one is hats. Carrer del Mirallers, the street just ahead on your right, was so called because that was the street where glasswork was made and so on.

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