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    Cafés El Magnifico Roasters

    Here on your left is Cafès el Magnifico, with its stained glass sign. Let's stop here for a moment.

    Notice that Starbucks has opened a location just in front of them. Gentrification has been an issue for Barcelona as it has become more popular. The Sans family own their shops and are not subject to the rent hikes that are forcing small family businesses to close.

    Salvador has been part of the prestigious Cup of Excellence since 2002. He champions the coffee growers. The roasted bags of beans will always state the plantation, region, and country pushing the grower into the buyer's consciousness.

    When ordering coffee in Barcelona you can have a solo, like an espresso. A cortado, an espresso with milk. A cafe con leche, like a cappuccino but with less froth. Or an Americano - a long black coffee.

    Feel free to spend some time here and pop in for a coffee. But before you do, let me show you where to go next.

    Retrace your steps back towards the church, then continue straight past its front entrance. I'll meet you on the other side of the church.

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