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  • LOCATION 25 | A Culinary Tour of El Born

    Along Carrer de la Mercè

    Continue along this small street, Carrer de la Mercè .

    We're headed to a bar now called La Plata. Despite an erosion of traditional locals in El Born, La Plata has persisted since 1945. Their menu is delightfully short but there are four things you should order here: the tomato salad with mild white onions, the anchovies, the fried whitebait, pescadito frito, and the wine served in a Porron.

    A Porron is a wine pitcher from Catalunya that is thought to have originated as a replacement for the wineskins that were once used. The wine is poured into the mouth directly from the thin spout of the pitcher with skilled drinkers able to raise it to a great height without splashing wine onto their clothes.

    If this is something you want to try, La Plata is a great place to do it. I would recommend starting with white wine first, however.

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