• LOCATION 48 | Bangkok Noi Canal: Beginner's Route

    Turn left under the bridge

    Turn left here and continue walking under the bridge. So...back to double pricing.

    If you start to debate double pricing with a Thai, many times they will default to "Well, you can afford to pay more, you're rich." This is loaded with all kinds of misconceptions and assumptions. Using that logic, what do you think would happen if I stood outside of, the Louvre in Paris, and charged Thais extra because they were traveling internationally and could afford a bit more? I imagine a formal complaint would be made pretty quickly.

    So, yeah, I might only be out a few bucks, which isn't a lot. But when that few bucks is 3 or 5 or even 10 times what a Thai would pay...at what point does it start becoming unfair?

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Bangkok noi
Bangkok Noi Canal: Beginner's Route