Bangkok Noi Canal: Beginner's Route

    12 Apr 2019
    Clock 75min      Length3mi
    2 ratings

    Thonburi Fort Foundations

    Pay wave

    Just ahead on your right is a little pathway that leads down to a triangular glass structure.

    If you're an archaeology geek, this might interest you, but it's not a major stop. If you prefer, keep walking while I tell you about it.

    Under the structure is a stretch of original foundation stones from the wall around Wang Lang Fort. The Fort was built in the late 1700s as a companion to the spiffy new walls going up around the brand new capital across the river. There were big plans for Bangkok, and keeping out intruders was key.

    Like I said, not much to look at, but still a juicy piece of Bangkok history.

    If you are at the structure, head back to the road and turn right to continue the tour. Otherwise just keep following the sidewalk down the length of this big building. You'll hear from me in a minute or so.

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