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    Barge Museum

    So here we are at the barge museum, or as it's properly known, the National Museum of Royal Barges. Despite being the home of some major royal iconography, this place gets only a trickle of the crowds that head out to see some of Bangkok's other attractions.

    The barges inside this museum are only rarely brought out - in fact, the barge procession has only taken place 10 times since 1957. The procession itself is a ceremony that's both religious and royal, that goes back over 700 years. The boats in this museum lead the procession of 52 other boats manned by thousands of oarsmen and carrying the King along a 4km stretch of river.

    It's one hell of a spectacle - most notably because the river is completely devoid of boat traffic, which is a very unusual sight. As the boats pass, the royal chant blares out across the entire area, synchronized with the actions of the oarsmen.

    If the boats are something you'd like to check out close up, admission is 100 baht, with an extra 100 baht on top if you'd like to take photos.

    I'll leave you to go inside the museum on your own, because to be honest, the boats kind of speak for themselves. They are gorgeous though, and well worth a few photos, if that's your thing.

    So, walk back down the pier. The entrance to the Barge Museum is on your right as you go.

    When you're done, or if you prefer to continue on the tour, keep the Barge Museum on your right and the river behind you, then follow the path towards the houses ahead and keep going. I'll meet you up ahead.

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