• LOCATION 9 | Bangkok Noi Canal: Beginner's Route

    About Greg

    Well, while we have a minute, you might be wondering just who the hell is this guy yelling into my ears? And even if you aren't, I'll tell you anyway.

    I moved from Canada to Bangkok in 2001 and was supposed to stay for 4 months. That turned into 6 months, and when I ran out of money, I decided I should probably get a job. Flash forward a bit, and I'm married with a kid and don't have any plans to go home. Strange how that happens.

    I really love Bangkok - it's a massive, mysterious, confusing, intoxicating city and I never get bored of exploring. I hope that on this walk you get a small taste of the kind of crazy things the city has to offer.

    You should be arriving at the pier shortly. You'll hear from me again when you reach it.

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Bangkok noi
Bangkok Noi Canal: Beginner's Route