Lampasas Walks: Historic Downtown Lampasas

    31 Oct 2015
    Clock 30min      Length1mi
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    Right on 3rd

    Pay wave

    Turn right onto 3rd Street now, and keep walking straight.

    In June of 1892, Lampasas hosted the Texas Democratic Party Convention at the height of its glory as a tourist destination. About 800 people attended the convention, and approximately two thirds were delegates.

    The issues under discussion were similar to today's issues--tax reform and pension funds. Other hot button issues included the role of national banks and corporate taxes. It sounds like the squabble we are still having now.

    As you walk down third to Chesnut, you will begin to see the church towers. Many of the original church buildings of Lampasas have burned down, but there are still two historic churches, which you will see in just a minute.