• LOCATION 15 | Vondelpark & Old West Neighbourhood

    Wilhelmina Gasthuis

    Take a look at the large historical building on your right-hand side. Once you've taken a look, keep walking straight while I tell you a bit more about it.


    This building and its surrounds are called the WG-terrain. It's a compound built in the year 1891 which includes a collection of buildings that together formed the Wilhelmina Gasthuis hospital. Wilhelmina is a former queen of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and she is the great grandmother of our King Willem Alexander.

    The oldest part consisted of individual pavilions in a park like a landscape. This spacious, fresh and airy design was thought to be good for the healing process. Several clinics were added to the compound in later years. In 1983 this Academic Hospital moved to the south-east of Amsterdam.

    Artists, small companies and welfare organisations moved into the pavilions on the WG-terrain. Some pavilions have been converted into apartments.

    My favorite hangout here is the former pathological anatomy laboratory, called LAB111. This is now an arthouse and restaurant, and is just 200 meters from my home.

    If you're still standing outside, you can go in and have a stroll around or perhaps have a drink at the cafe. When you're done, make sure you return here and continue going straight down the road in the same direction we've been walking. You'll hear from me again in a minute or so.

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Vondelpark and old west 2
Vondelpark & Old West Neighbourhood