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    White Label Coffee

    We're here at White Label Cofffee shop, on your right. This is also our last stop.

    White Label are one of the pioneers of specialty coffee in Amsterdam. Their café is a popular spot where I love to meet friends or catch up on my reading over an espresso. They also roast their own coffee, with an extensive array of origins to choose from. If you’re not decided, the staff is always happy to help you pick the right coffee beans for home use. The location features a large space which continues well in the back, plenty of seating and a general feel of comfort and coziness.

    Around White Label you can also find a few shops and bars. Rembrandt Park is also very close by, in case you’d like to take your coffee and go for a stroll.

    This concludes our tour of some of my favourite coffee shops. If you've enjoyed this tour, please take a moment to rate the tour when you're done.

    Thank you for taking the tour and enjoy your time in Amsterdam.

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Amsterdam West Specialty Coffee Spots