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    Lot Sixty One

    You'll find Lot Sixty One directly in front of you, on the corner. Let's stop for a moment outside it.


    It's a popular hangout place for expats, tourists and locals alike, and there’s rarely a day when there’s no queue in front of Lot Sixty One. The coffee is roasted on premises. You’ll know when it’s roasting day; the air around busy Kinkerstraat will fill up with the divine smell of fresh baked coffee beans. For espresso, they'll usually serve a blend alongside a single origin, while for filter coffees they will have a few options to choose from. While most of my coffees are to go, I do like sometimes to get there early, grab an espresso and a croissant, sit on the bench outside and enjoy the morning sun before I get on with my day.

    While you're in this area, if you're interested to buy fresh fruits or grab some food, I have two recommendations that you could check out later. There's Ten Katemarkt food market, which is open daily except Sundays, and Foodhallen, a classy indoor food market and bar, serving a range of high end street food.

    Feel free to pop in for a coffee. Otherwise if you prefer to keep moving now, cross back over to the side you were cycling on and continue along Kinkerstraat in the same direction you've been going.
    You'll be crossing the canal and turning left soon, but don't worry I'll let you know where to turn.

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Amsterdam West Specialty Coffee Spots