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Sune Stassen

Sune is the founder of Rock City Foundation & Events and Live Design Tours. A designer and educator by choice with an entrepreneurial mind and a can-do attitude towards any design related project no matter the scale. Sune has published extensively; is the contributing editor of the current Grades 10 - 12 Design textbooks; was the contributing editor of Design>Ed, an online magazine for young and emerging designers; and also the concept and content developer of the "Making the Difference Through the Design" programme. Currently she is the programme manager of the Open Design CT Festival, a 12 day design festival in August that's inclusive and assessable to all who wants to participate. It attracts people from various demographics and audiences to appreciate and participate in design related activities. LIVE DESIGN Tours is aiming to turn the niche and exclusive market of "design" into something more widely accessible. Design impacts on everyday life; has the power to transform lives and is seen as a powerful tool to bring about change in various sectors. This is the value and impact of design that LIVE DESIGN TOURS is interested in showcasing. There are a variety of tour options and you can even opt for an "architecture or public art route" of the city by bicycle or on foot. Live Design Tours also offers special tours for schools. Please call or email Thana Nel for more information: / 021 712 6055

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Img 4392
by Sune Stassen in Cape Town
04 Dec 2014
Falko eyes

My Design District

Distance 1mi
Duration 10min
5 ratings

Allow at least an hour for this walk, as there are lots of stops along the way.

This is the story of two very different cities. There’s the high-end design of trendy spots, in amongst decrepit buildings and unkempt open land that still bares... More»

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