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Kenn Delbridge

A 20-year resident of Singapore, I run an audio studio that creates soundtracks and soundscapes for international broadcasters like BBC, National Geographic and Dsicovery Channel, and I've produced numerous audiobooks that focus on city walks.

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by Kenn Delbridge in Singapore
16 Feb 2016
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The History of Trade in Singapore - from Chinatown to Boat Quay

Distance 2mi
Duration 50min
11 ratings

A walk from the beautifully preserved ethnic area of Chinatown to the modern skyscrapers of Boat Quay, this route traces the history of trade from the time of its founding in 1819 through to the economic and cultural marvel that is modern Singapore.

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by Kenn Delbridge in Singapore
30 Jul 2015

Follow the Money: Singapore's Financial District to the Fountain of Wealth

Distance 1mi
Duration 40min
5 ratings

A walk through Singapore's downtown district that reveals a money secret of one of Asia's tiger economies and highlights the history of Singapore's early traders through to the current 21st century wealth makers.

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