Darat al funun amman 2014

Nathalie Rosa Bucher

For the past 9 years, I've been a features writer with a passion for the seventh art, a keen interest in culture and mobility, as well as social and environmental subjects. Besides writing, I've also worked on many projects in the fields of arts and culture, notably a circus, puppet companies, I organised film festivals and screenings as well as ran a mobile cinema project. Half French, half German by origin possibly explains why I'm drawn to divided countries and diverse societies: Cape Town in South Africa was my home for 15 years before I came to Beirut in Lebanon in early 2012. I love hiking, music, cycling, cooking and travelling and look forward to take you on more routes around the Eastern Mediterranean.


Darat al funun amman 2014
by Nathalie Rosa Bucher in Beirut
15 Feb 2016
Beirut green line walking tour

Walk the Green Line

Distance 2mi
Duration 60min
21 ratings

This walks follows an itinerary that for 15 years, while the civil war raged in Lebanon, was impossible to do. For 15 years, Beirut was a divided city. One half - the East - was Christian, the West was Muslim. There were few crossings between the... More»

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Darat al funun amman 2014
by Nathalie Rosa Bucher in Konya
17 Feb 2015
Rumi route cropped

Rumi Route

Distance 2mi
Duration 40min
2 ratings

The Sufi mystic Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī, usually referred to as Rumi in the West, spent most of his adult life in Konya during the 13th century. Following in his father's footsteps, Rumi became a scholar. His friendship with Shams e Tabrizi... More»

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