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Mysterium Tours is an international team of storytellers and artists, who are all lovers of medieval history and folklore. For the first time in Europe, they come together in a unique project where Mysteries, Storytelling and Arts are intertwined. -

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by Mysterium Tours in Budapest
06 Mar 2018
Legendary vampires

The Legendary Vampires at the Castle's Court (War at the Gates)

Distance 2mi
Duration 45min
7 ratings

Come on this dark journey to hear about the bloody and cruel side of Hungarian history and the story of Hungary's most famous family.
Take in the stunning dark and magical atmosphere of Buda's Castle at night on one of the most intimate night... More»

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by Mysterium Tours in Prague
30 Sep 2016
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The Dark Shadows of the Old Town (Ghosts of Prague)

Distance 1.5mi
Duration 50min
4 ratings

The untold stories of Prague’s most prominent landmarks.
The less travelled and foreboding routes of Old Town.
Tales of cruelty and death, and the ghosts these left in their wake.
The remnants and legends of the Old Jewish Quarter.

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