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Ashanti Lodge

More than 20 years ago, Ashanti was one of the first backpacker hostels in South Africa. It's now a well-known Cape Town establishment offering great budget accommodation options in 3 different properties. Ashanti also provides travel advice and tours -- such as budget safaris, overland adventures, and day trips -- throughout Southern and East Africa. Ashanti will help make your African experience everything you dreamed of.

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Ashanti logo voicemap walk gardens
by Ashanti Lodge in Cape Town
08 Nov 2016

Welcome to the Neighbourhood: Ashanti Lodge Gardens

Distance 1mi
Duration 30min
6 ratings

Join one of the owners of Ashanti Lodge Gardens on a walk through the beautiful neighbourhood surrounding the backpackers. This tour will help you get your bearings of the Gardens area. With its many restaurants, bars, fashion and entertainment,... More»

Locicon 11 Hof Street