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L.A Meekly is a monthly podcast on Los Angeles history put out by Daniel Zafran and Greg Gonzalez, two homegrown Californians with a penchant for morbid historical facts and sleazy donuts. They started L.A Meekly in 2013, and since then have covered topics such as the history of Venice Beach, the Pacific Electric trolleys, the Original People of Los Angeles, and tales of hauntings. Historic, yes. Comedic, somewhat. Listenable, quite.

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by L.A. Meekly in Los Angeles
29 Oct 2015

Downtown Los Angeles: Broadway Theatre District

Distance 1mi
Duration 20min
3 ratings

Did you come to Hollywood only to have your dreams dashed? Well you can still relive the glory days of film on Broadway! While Hollywood was out there making movies, the Broadway Theater District was showing them. Join us for a comedic... More»

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