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John Bartmann

Forest day walker and musician lovin' and livin' in Cape Town, RSA!

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by John Bartmann in Cape Town
22 Jun 2015
Arderne gardens bell

The Arderne Gardens

Distance 0.5mi
Duration 15min
6 ratings

This route takes you through an enchanting and historical arboretum, which has been attracting seekers of solitude since 1845. Enjoy the serenity and magic of this peaceful oasis with a slow, quiet stroll through the glades and ponds.

Locicon 0B Main Road
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by John Bartmann in Cape Town
29 May 2015

Harfield Village

Distance 1mi
Duration 30min
12 ratings

Harfield Village is a quaint little quarter of the city with a vibrant history. It has a proudly preserved community feel. It's a village of daytime pram-pushers, rush-hour commuters, and evening craft beer connoisseurs.

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