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Tramps of San Francisco, Evelyn Rose

I'm the Chief Tramping Officer of my history blog, Tramps of San Francisco. Walk with me through the streets of San Francisco as we rediscover some of our City's forgotten history. I'm a long-term resident of San Francisco, a docent with the National Park Service, and founder of the Glen Park Neighborhoods History Project. History is out there, just waiting for us to find it! Join me as we rediscover forgotten histories!

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Lions, and Cows, and Bears! Oh, My! The Remarkable History of San Francisco's Glen Park and Glen Canyon

Distance 2mi
Duration 60min
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The village of Glen Park is nestled among the slopes of the San Miguel Hills near the heart of San Francisco, just south of Twin Peaks. It is the gateway to a hidden gem of 70 acres of open space known as Glen Canyon, of which 60 acres is... More»