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Eo - Immersive Audio Tours

Eo – Immersive Audio Tours™ was created as a production center of exclusive contents specifically designed for GPS self-guided immersive audio services and applications such as VoiceMap. Given the project’s creators and managers passion for History, foreign languages, hiking and adventure, it sounded obvious that the creation of GPS-guided immersive audio tours was not only a medium with a promising future ahead of it, but it was also the best way to satisfy the need to tell to the wide public the untold stories behind each place they visit. Eo – Immersive Audio Tours™ is operated by a selected small number of collaborators and friends, which all bring their passion and their diverse competences to the project, giving to each of the Tours produced a recognized seal of quality and seriousness that will hopefully meet the satisfaction of our listeners. The Tours offered by Eo – Immersive Audio Tours™ will all soon also be available in Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Russian.


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Discovering the Historical Town of Monsanto

Distance 1mi
Duration 55min
1 rating

This guided audio tour will take you through a memorable walk across the numerous monuments and historical sites that are spread all over the worldwide famous Historical Town of Monsanto.

While visiting this unique picturesque village, prepare... More»