Cynthia ord

Cynthia Ord

I'm a Denver native and street taco enthusiast with nomadic tendencies. During my long stints abroad, you're likely to find me blabbering in broken Spanish about my Mile High hometown and its mountainous backyard. When I'm in Colorado, you can find me pedaling a mountain pass on my road bike, hiking a 14er, or working my 9-5 at a cannabis tour company (yes, that's a thing!). I also host Airbnb guests and whoever else I can convince to come visit.

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Cynthia ord
by Cynthia Ord in Denver
06 Jul 2017
Scoops and spokes new

Spokes and Scoops: Denver's Top Ice Cream Spots by Bicycle

Distance 9mi
Duration 75min
2 ratings

For anyone who loves ice cream, bicycles, and neighborhood gazing as much as I do - this route is for you! I've mapped out the best ice cream spots in Denver, based on their gourmet-style scoops as well as their location in explorable districts.... More»

Locicon 2620-2650 16...