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by Christine Hogg in Cape Town
08 Nov 2016
Woodstock gentrification voicemap walk dfeat once2

A Community in Crisis: Gentrification in Woodstock and Salt River

Distance 1mi
Duration 25min
11 ratings

Woodstock and Salt River residents, who have called the suburbs home for generations, are facing ice-cold evictions. Sometimes tenants are forced out by high rents and intimidation, sometimes house owners are bought out by property developers,... More»

Locicon 351 Albert Road
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by Christine Hogg in Cape Town
03 Jul 2015

Changing Neighbourhoods: Walmer Estate and Upper Woodstock

Distance 1.5mi
Duration 40min
7 ratings

Walmer Estate and Woodstock are changing. Christine Hogg – a curious local – set out to discover more about the area's hybrid architecture, colonial history and recent transformation.

She found residents, business owners and NGO workers who... More»