Bailey Sisoy Isgro

Bailey Sisoy Isgro is the owner of Detroit History Tours and the proprietress of the Detroit History Club. She is an author, humorist, workaholic, and Faygo-loving tour guide from the great City of Detroit. A lover of city ephemera her most prized possessions include her antique books about Detroit penned by Clarence M. Burton himself, her Library of Congress readers card, her collection of vintage jewelry, and signed pay stubs of Edsel Fords. She works as an automotive sculptor by day, and by night she writes and lectures on the history of the American working woman, prostitution, and Detroit between the World Wars. When she isn’t tramping around Detroit giving tours, drinking at century-old bars, and talking history with anyone who’ll join her, she can be found at her home in Highland Park, Detroit. She is meticulous in her research and passionate about historical accuracy, yet she takes great joy in presenting history in the most exciting, playful, and accessible way possible. A passionate connoisseur of all things delicious, she adamantly argues the health benefits of coney dogs and Vernors floats.

Take a ride through the rich history of downtown Detroit
ByBailey Sisoy Isgro, 09 May 2017

Walking Tour

20 mins