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Arzu Altinay

I operate a walking tour company in Istanbul, my hometown. You can find more about our walking tours here: I have an engineering degree from ITU and have been guiding since 1998. I am now a part time guide, very full time mom and I am the person who manages all behind the scenes activity for When I am not chasing Deniz ( my 3 year old son) , doting on my husband or trying to catch on laundry, I enjoy writing, traveling and story telling... oh and good wine.

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Img 5905
by Arzu Altinay in Istanbul
28 Apr 2016

The Hippodrome and the Blue Mosque

Distance 1mi
Duration 20min
7 ratings

Istanbul is like a big cake, with layers and layers of history piled on top of one another. Welcome to the Sultanahmet, the city's historic heart, and an awe-inspiring hotspot for visitors. This walk is an easy introduction to some of Turkish... More»

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