John Bartmann

Greetings! In your tongue, my name is Argemis, but they call me Treefellow. I'm what you'd call a gnome, or earthman. I don't really appear clearly in your photographs, so you'll never spot me unless you see me with your own eyes. Bah! Who needs photographs, anyway? The world is magical enough, isn't it? Well, time to go. I look forward to sharing my home forest with you. There are many of us living, just hidden from eyesight along the dells, glades and ponds of The Elfin Trail...

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by John Bartmann in Cape Town
13 Apr 2016
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The Elfin Trail

Distance 3mi
Duration 110min
54 ratings

The Elfin Trail is an immersive, high fantasy-themed audio walking experience through the most beautiful and least-known forests and glades in Cape Town. Using smartphone GPS to trigger downloaded audio automatically, the listener is guided along... More»

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