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I am a book author, researcher, Berlin fan and history geek whose fascination with Berlin's past inspired her to overcome her fear of speaking German: how else can you ask anyone at the state archive to lend you a hand in your search for a long-dead villa owner from 1869? Once curiosity prevailed over inhibitions, I could not stop asking new questions and doing my best to answer each and every one of them. This is how my blog, Kreuzberged, as born. However, my first book, "Notmsparker's Berlin Companion" is in English, to share what I've learnt with all those who still need some time to polish their "Deutsch". The book is available at (shipping worldwide).

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Take the U Train: The Story of Berlin's Oldest Elevated Railway Line Part I

Distance 4mi
Duration 120min
1 rating

Welcome to the tour of Berlin's Stammstrecke. Berlin's U-Bahn (Unterpflasterbahn) is the fifth oldest underground railway network worldwide. And like in many other places around the world, some of its eldest sections are not subterranean – as the... More»

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Templars, Bunkers and Prussian Glory: A Walking Tour of West Kreuzberg

Distance 2mi
Duration 60min
3 ratings

Get to know the other side of Kreuzberg, away from the partying crowds and Easy-jet Armada: a place where great world inventions were made, world-famous companies born, and where sand was turned into gold and then turned into dust again.

You... More»

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